Favorite Brewing Related Publications

Books on Brewing:

Big Book of Brewing, Dave Line

Here's the book that started it all for me. When Dave published his book there was no such thing as a local homebrew shop. I find many of Dave's ideas evident in today's homebrew texts.

I don't recommend this text for the new homebrewer. Some of the procedures Dave describes were to make up for the lack of commercially available homebrew tools and ingredients.

Dave used his practical experience at home brewing, his training as an electrical engineer and his outstanding sense of humor to shed new light on the topic of making beer from all-grain. After you've read the texts listed below and brewed a few batches, this book is a great reference to have. I particularly like the way he presents his data in graphical form.

Dave Miller's Homebrewing Guide, 1996

Homebrew guru Dave Miller draws on his 20 years of experience and the latest information to guide beginners and experienced brewers through the entire brewing process. Includes recipes for a variety of beer styles, a glossary of important terms, useful conversion tables, and a suggested reading list of other helpful beer books.

Brewing Lager Beer, Gregory J. Noonan, 1996

Completely new edition of the classic that has gone out of print. Intended for advanced home- and microbrewers, it builds a very well done bridge to academic literature because of it's comprehensible description. Even though the title indicates it's a book about lager, there is a ton of information useful for the ale brewer.

Analysis of Brewing Techniques, George & Laurie Fix, September 1997.

Books on Brewing Equipment:

Brew Ware : How to Find, Adapt, & Build Homebrewing Equipment, Mark Stevens, Karl F. Lutzen, et al, 1996

The author, Mark Stevens says:
"Brew Ware" was written FOR the homebrewing hobbyist...
The most gratifying comment that I've ever heard about "Brew Ware" came from a homebrew supply shop owner who said that he was not going to carry this book because it told homebrewers how to cheaply and efficiently build gadgets ...

Books about Brewing Adventures:

Beer for Pete's Sake: The Wicked Adventures of a Brewing Maverick, Pete Slosberg / Hardcover / 1998

Pete shares priceless moments filled with adventure, celebrity tidbits, and little-known revelations: Taking on Anheuser-Busch over their respective dog labels, Millie vs. Spuds Mackenzie; his role in Governor Pete Wilson's mangled bid for the U.S. Presidency; on stage with Homer Simpson; brewing with the TOPGUN Crew; learning to like eggplant; his brief stint as a New York cabbie; studying rocket science at Columbia University; and his three passions--beer, barbeque, and cigars. Pete reflects on his life with beer and brewing, and shares it all. (from the inner flap of the book)

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