Down Into The Mash Tun

Here we can see the false bottom. It's 12 inches in diameter with 3/32" holes spaced 5/32" centers.

You can also see the copper manifold. Wort from the pump enters at the top left. Located to the right of the inlet is the temperature sensing thermistor. The wort then flows down to a 1/2" 'T' towards the front and rear. It then T's off into a circular loop. The loop has sixteen 1/4" holes on the top only. The half loops are friction fit.

The entire manifold can be raised or lowered for different size batches. The loop is adjusted so that it is an inch below the surface of the wort.

Also note the wort level probes. During the sparge they contol the liquor flow into the mash tun. The low level probe is adjusted so that the level never falls below the manifold. If it does the siphon will be lost when the liquor tank level drops below its outlet level. The high level can be set as close as 1/8 inch higher. Some microbreweries run extra liquor in to 'float' the mash, then run it low to 'squeeze' as much sugar out as possible. I can do the same thing by simply setting the high level probe up a few inches from the low probe.