Antique Brass Beer Faucet

Here is a beer faucet I would like to know more about. I bought this at an antique show. I cleaned it up and mounted on an old refrigerator. It is only used when we have a rather large party because it has a slow leak. About eight ounces in twelve hours.

It is made entirely of brass, no gaskets of any kind. Basically it has a tapered brass shaft with a hole in it. When the handle is pulled the hole aligns with the inlet and outlet, then the beer flows.

I would like to know how old it is? Notice the bump on the spout. It appears that it's purpose is to hold a bucket. Chuck's dad says "in the old days you'd go down to the pub and get a bucket of beer". Can anyone comment on this? Please email or use the feedback form. If you know where I could get another one, please pass it on.